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2015/10/17 23:41:06 UTC
Preview windows cursor movement in math mode

I write all my notes and papers (in physics) in LaTeX. Because of that I have noticed that cursor movement in math mode in Bakoma is really very poor/has many bugs and could be much improved. Here are a few examples (everything should be written directly in preview window in math mode): 1- If you write something like A=\left(\frac{\partial}{\partial q^{1}}\right), once you move the cursor passed "=", it goes on top left of "(". Not only it is confusing, it is also not easy to see if you enter something, it will appear before "(" 2- In something like P^{\mu\nu}\frac{\partial f}{\partial x^{\mu}}, if you move the cursor past "\nu", it will go up, close to "\partial" in the numerator, and if you enter anything, it enter it in the numerator, while the cursor should go before "\frac" and anything entered should appear before the "\frac". 3- Write x^b and then go back and try to edit it to x^{b^{c}}. Almost impossible. 4- Write x^{a} and then try to delete "a" in the exponent. It will delete it but will leave the code as "x^" instead of just "x". 5- Deleting some part of math using backspace or del keys in preview windows in many cases messes everything up and is a disaster (c.f. item 4 above). I could go on about many more examples. I am using LyX in addition to Bakoma Tex, and one of the few reason I have not migrated to Bakoma is that LyX math cursor movement is nearly perfect (the best cursor movement in my experience is the one in infty editor). I wish Bakoma had cursor movements as smooth and acceptable as e.g. Lyx. Would be great if the next update can fix this. Thanks!
2016/08/24 13:12:34 UTC
Ben McDowel    

I second Saeed! Writing math in preview window is by far the most important feature of Bakoma, and Saeed's is the most important request here, as it goes into the heart of the whole point in Bakoma: a real WYSIWYG editor for TeX!
2017/01/07 12:24:26 UTC
Roger Wehage    

Yeah, that sometimes is a problem but the left and right arrows are helpful. However LyX is not an option for me because it leaves footprints that make .tex files unsuitable for other LaTeX editors. When in doubt I automatically jump to the raw TeX Word edit file and work from there.
2017/01/11 14:07:31 UTC

Thanks Ben! That is exactly my point. Roger, thanks for the comment. I agree that LyX leaves footprints, and especially importing tex files is sometimes a mess (export however is close to ideal). But I think the main and first property of a WYSIWYG Latex editor is to be able to edit the text and math without going to the raw tex code which LyX does it really good. Otherwise why even use the WYSIWYG software? Particularly if math cannot be easily and smoothly written in WYSIWYG mode, the software looses its main appeal, at least to me. Cheers!
2017/11/14 15:06:08 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    

It is much desired if it is as transparent and easy to edit math in Bakoma as in Scientific Word or MathType.

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