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2015/10/02 22:51:56 UTC
Zongwei Lu    
Add trigger option to user macro

Recently I find macro is efficient in typing commands and self-defined commands. It will be much more efficient if the macro can be activated by a trigger. Texstudio is excellent in this respect. One can define, e.g., semicolon ";", as a trigger. So I can define a macro for integral, such as, \int_{%<*%>}^{%<*%>} %<*%> d%<*%> The "%<*%>" is interpreted as a placeholder, where "*" is highlighted and waiting for input. After typing the first placeholder, one can press TAB key to jump to the second placeholder, and so on. Even better, this macro can be activated in the editor, if we define a trigger for it. I define a trigger as ;int which starts with a semicolon. So when I type in ";int", the macro is activated. So great! Texword has macro, but we have to define key combinations for them. And typing in ";int" is much natural than key combinations, especially when we have many macros. It is also hard to remember and recall every combination (one has to think before press the combination). I list some of my macros and triggers, just to illustrate, Trigger Macro ;bbrc \bigg\{ %<*%> \bigg\} %<*%> ;bbrk \bigg[%<*%>$\bigg\] %<*%> ;aeq \begin{align*} %<*%> \end{align*} ;naeq \begin{align} %<*%> \end{align} ;inl $%<*%>$ To avoid italized text in the viewer when I type in the 1st $. ;adq \\ &\quad %<*%> Using this can avoid flashing in the viewer when press Enter after \\. ;cbrc {%<*%>} This can also avoid flashing. "c" stands "code" for me. ;frac \frac{%<*%>}{%<*%>}%<*%> I really wish Texword can add such feature. Thanks a lot in advance.

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