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2015/03/25 13:50:44 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    
Subscription-based personal licensing plan

Having purchased a student license 2 years ago, I am now stuck using an old version. While I would love to use the most recent version, I am not sure I can justify paying another 55 euros just to get "Track changes" and numerous small improvements, and then having to pay again after 2-3 years. On the other hand, I would happily pay 3$-5$ every month to be able to use the latest version. That way, you'll also be getting a lot more of my money, and I think acquiring new customers will be easier.
2017/07/08 08:19:25 UTC

I too am now stuck using an old version as Amit said. Please provide a way out solution to get recent versions....
2017/07/08 08:55:22 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Let us consider we have subscription 5 EUR per month.
In 2 years you will spent 120 EUR
In other side you can purchase version with 2 years of upgrades at 99 EUR

Really, it will not cheaper.
It may be even sligthly more expensive
Anyway, It will be almost the same.

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