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2013/12/10 16:28:12 UTC
Minsoo Jeong    
Double-width characters support in source edit (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, ...)

Currently the double-width characters look all broken in source editor. I suggest adding support to double-width characters.
2015/04/07 13:50:25 UTC

When input CJK code in UTF8 mode,it display is not correct.
2015/04/07 13:52:31 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It is probably something wrong with your settings.
if you need in help ask technical support, sending your source and screenshots.
2015/09/10 08:32:11 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    

I too have this problem with CJK in UTF8. The cursor appears in the middle of characters. Only Bakoma has this problem.
2016/02/18 02:12:07 UTC

When input chinese code in UTF8,the cursor location don't correct.
2016/06/12 11:17:56 UTC

please support the packages like ctexart!
2016/12/13 12:31:30 UTC

Editing window is not working well for entering Chinese because the window can just show single-width words.
2018/03/05 09:31:00 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Implemented in version 11.53, revision 180303.

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