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2013/10/20 15:30:00 UTC
Curtis Pro    
Preview Window Cursor Color

On preview window the blinking cursor is always black. Suggestion: If you are in a math environment, make cursor red, if you are in a text environment, make cursor black.
2013/10/21 18:04:22 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Text/Nath environment has already several highlights:
  • Math formulas are already colored by another color
    See 'Options/Viewer Preferences/Display/Highlight Math formulas'
  • Text/Math toolbars are automaically toggled at moving between text/math.
Are you sure that more ways are required ?
2013/11/12 06:31:42 UTC
Ben McDowell    

The OP was talking about the cursor color and not the text color. Indeed, the cursor in both the preview window and specifically in the source window is too small and barely noticeable; which caused a lot of problems to the user.
2015/10/02 22:09:53 UTC
Zongwei Lu    

My workaround is to simply highlight some text so that there is a piece of yellow color in the viewer and blue color in the source, which are both very much visible.

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