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2013/10/04 15:06:15 UTC
Adriaan Barri    
Microtypography support

This feature request concerns microtypography support in Bakoma. Microtypography can significantly improve the readability and appearance of text ( The Microtype package incorporates these advanced typography improvements in pdfLatex ( Unfortunately, this microtype package is not yet available in Bakoma...
2013/10/18 14:53:26 UTC
Brian Cowan    

My understanding is that Microtype works with pdfLaTeX, and NOT with regular LaTeX. However BaKoMaTeX uses regular LaTeX. So the problem is with Microtype and not with BaKoMaTeX.
2013/10/19 18:39:14 UTC
Adriaan Barri    

The Microtype package is indeed not supported by regular LaTeX. In fact, this limitation of regular LaTeX is one of the main motivations to switch to pdfLaTeX ( pdflatex). I agree that Bakoma is not the cause of this problem. Nevertheless, integrating microtypographic extensions (with or without the use of the microtype package) would be a major extension that may convince an even larger group of people to use Bakoma Tex.
2014/03/10 14:06:59 UTC
Ben McDowell    

This sounds a valuable suggestion. However, I fail to understand fully the request and its advantage. More precisely, it's unclear whether your motivation is to improve the readability and vision of text within Bakoma TexWord's *Preview window* ? Or are you suggesting to improve the *output* of the compiled files (pdf or dvi or ps) only ? -----If your suggestion is the former one, then I support it strongly (since the text quality of the Bakoma's Preview window falls short substantially from how Acrobat presents the text). As for the second interpretation, I don't think there is any problem in Bakoma's output files.
2014/03/17 00:39:52 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

BaKoMa TeX use resources of system (Windows, OSX, Linux) to render fonts, whose ar ecoming from CTAN.
In most cases improving appearance of text in Preview window is related with bad configuring of font rendering in you Control Panel.
To solve the problem you should take into attentions algorithms used to render font, matching display resolution with hardware optimal resolution.

NOTE: If you want to discuss this problem it is not right place. Microtypography is not related with quality of rendering the fonts by Windows.

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