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2013/07/24 16:01:08 UTC
Ben McDowell    
Synchronized scrolling of pages

If the user wishes to always write directly to the source code, even when clicking the cursor in the Preview window (for example, when one wishes to write "\" and get "\" in the source code and NOT "\backslash" in the source code), then he/she needs to UNCHECK the option: "Option-->General-->Change focus on Proof (Preview)". But then something very weird happens: When the user scrolls to the next or previous pages in the source window, he/she LOSES THE SYNCHRONIZATION feature: the source and preview windows become completely un-synchronized. I think it will be great if we could have an option to force such synchronization! (Indeed, BaKoMa greatest feature, is real-time synchronization!)
2013/07/25 20:22:33 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

There is one option: Options/Editing Settings/Transparent insertion ...
The idea is that you will need not to switch to source to insert '\' symbol.

However, I understand this wish in more general ...
Unfortunately, I don't know how to implement it without lost of performance.
Current idea is that in case of resynchronization you can just click on synchronization button ... It is already implemented.
Another idea (for future implementation) provide an option which will provide flexible control under deep of synchronization automation. Unfortunately, it may be too complex ...

Conclusion: I will implement it as soon as I will know how to do it.

2013/07/26 10:26:15 UTC
Ben McDowell    

Thanks Basil for your reply. I think if the user will have the *option* to have this kind of source preview-synchronization, then it will not be a problem even if there is a performance loss, since the user can chose to turn it off or on when desired. Also, I don't understand of course your implementation, but I would be a bit surprised if such a synchronization would cause a dramatic performance loss. Because, even now you have synchronization between source and preview windows; the only requirement is now for Tex Word to identify when the top/bottom of preview page is reached, and then to update the preview window accordingly. (OS: Windows 7, 64 bit)
2013/07/27 21:40:11 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Just get into attention situation of source which is not present in preview. It may be comment or may be TeX/LaTeX markup commands. In this case only after complete document reprocessing software can detect that source can't be mapped to preview. In case of 10-pages documents you will have order of performance loss. In 100-1000 pages documents (real books) performance lost will be unacceptable. Result is simple, this option will be always switched off !!! What is reason to implement it ?

Of course, it is probably some yet unknown algorithm may solve the problem. But, currently I don't know solution.

2013/07/29 09:44:08 UTC
Ben McDowell    

Hello Basil, I think we might have a misunderstanding here. What I'm asking is simply that Tex Word will have an option that when I press up in the source code and reach a previous page, the preview page will be synchronized accordingly. This is already done *very efficiently* now: just press F6. All I'm asking is that Tex Word would have an option to make this "F6" automatically, because to press it every time is very inconvenient. Since the F6 function is done so efficiently now, I don't understand why you claim this change might cause a performance loss (but you might know better than me of course).
2013/07/31 15:03:21 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Preciselly. What you ask is impossible, because of absence of efficient algorithms.
2013/08/02 15:25:32 UTC
Ben McDowell    

Hello Basil. Okay. I retract this request. I found out that a simple CTRL+Tab can move the focus from the source to the preview window and back to the source again. This is an elegant enough solution. Thanks for your help.
2013/08/13 13:46:35 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Ten years ago basic TeXWord algorithms were not exist. However, most of them were created to support WYSIWYG editing using TeX engine. Algorithms are created when they are needed.

So, I do not see reason to retract the request.

I keep this need in my mind. It is probably I will find efficient solution in time (may be in long time). However, currently, I see only compromising solutions whose may introduce additional logical complexity.

Resume: I think users who want this feature may continue to vote.

2017/03/18 04:59:51 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

V 11.30 introduces additional control under synchronization of page with moves in source.

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