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2013/05/29 12:37:52 UTC
Position manually image / graphic rectangle with mouse in display Windows (like MS Word)

Hello, When I insert a picture (\includegraphics), I must enter parameters after clicking the "include graphic" button BEFORE inserting, so I don't know how it will look like in the display Window, so I can't control manually the position of the image It would be nice to modify directly the position and size of the picutre from the diplay Window by moving a rectangle and its corners/sides with the mouse (like we do in Microsoft Word, Openoffice, etc...),and after validating the position in display window, it would convert to Latex code in the source window. Indeed, positionning images/graphics in Latex in a precise location of a document page is often complicated, and we must try manually several values (scale, height, width, etc...) in source window before having the correct position and size.
2015/02/28 21:39:05 UTC
Brian Cowan    

I assume this refers to the \begin{figure} ----- \end{figure} construction. This inserts a `float' object and LaTeX decides where to place the object. You gan give the command some guidance; \begin{figure}[h] says you would LIKE it to be here. However by using the `float' package you have the H option. With the package, if you start the command as \begin{figure}[H] then you FORCE LaTeX to place the figure precisely here. So although the figure is still, technically, a `float' object, you can now manually position it. The other part of the request refers to the `live' sizing of the object. It could be possible to `drag' the corners/edges of a graphic in the display window and thereby change the `scale' value in the code window.

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