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2013/01/01 03:27:45 UTC
Brian Cowan    

I would love a highlight-drag-paste facility to move chunks of text in the editor window.
2013/03/07 13:47:37 UTC
Drag & drop technique of copying or cutting/pasting text in BaKoMa TeX Word

It would be great if it was possible to cut-paste fragments of text just by dragging and dropping them with a mouse (both in source and previewer window). Such functionality is so common in editors of all kinds that every couple of times when I want to cut/paste something in BaKoMa TeX Word, I spontaneously and involuntarily try to drag it and drop, and each time I am surprised that it does not work here :-)
2013/03/24 15:57:25 UTC
Brian Cowan    

This is the same as the drag-and-paste I have requested previously. We should combine these requests.
2013/03/27 12:11:42 UTC

Sure. You are right. I noticed your request after I had placed mine. Is there a way to merge requests but retain the information on votes given to both? If not, I may cancel my one so that the votes do not get dispersed.
2013/03/28 19:31:34 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

O'K. We will merge both requests with merging votes.
2013/09/20 11:41:51 UTC

... And it would be also convenient to have "Paste" option in mouse right-button menu. There is "Copy" and "Cut", but no "Paste" option appears after copying or cutting (i.e.: one needs to use keyboard shortcut, after all). But, of course, we would welcome this functionality in addition to, not instead of, highlight-drag-and-paste :-)

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