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2012/11/21 09:57:04 UTC
lines numbers in editor (option)

1. While checking errors, it would be fine to add an option to display lines numbers because typing everytime the line number in box "go to line" is boring, while we are checking error in Working files console. If lines numbers are displayed we directly see where the error could be located.
2013/11/09 20:58:33 UTC
Brian Cowan    

This request is incompatible with the (currently) leading feature request `Dynamic word wrap in the TexWord source window'. This request assumes there are absolute line numbers (that TeX and LaTeX refer to when giving error comments), but with `dynamic word wrap' there can be no absolute line numbers to refer to. I will add a comment in that request also.
2014/01/14 22:58:03 UTC

This is absolutely COMPATIBLE with the leading feature request, as numbers for wrapped lines should be spaced in the new Bakoma feature, as it is showed in this screenshot for notepad2 : Normally it should be OK with absolute line references for errors comments.

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