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2012/11/09 20:27:30 UTC
Jeroen Soutberg    
Standard behaviour for DEL and BACKSPACE with Tex prompt

If TeX is interrupted or has executed a \show command, and asks for input at the command prompt, I would like the DEL and BACKSPACE keys to exhibit standard behaviour. [Presently, the control codes are seen as characters, so it is impossible to correct a typo when entering a command or a control sequence.]
2012/11/10 19:45:20 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

The issue is related only with Centaur. And has no any effect to TeXWord.
2013/02/09 09:47:37 UTC
Jeroen Soutberg    

I do not understand what the comment is saying. Should I request this feature elsewhere or is Centaur considered unimportant?
2013/03/11 19:52:58 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Just clarification.

Many users work only with TeXWord and will not know about what you talk.

2013/11/15 08:08:21 UTC
Jeroen Soutberg    

Returning to this subject: for those (like me) who do use the TeX prompt, it would be very helpful if this works the way it did with "traditional" TeX implementations. I usually get the prompt after making a typo in material I added to the source file, and if I then make only a single typo I lose the possibility to temporarily fix the problem. This wastes time especially with big jobs.

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