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2012/11/05 17:51:27 UTC
Vicent Giner Bosch    
Creating tables from Excel files or other formats

I think one really interesting feature for making a difference would be the following: Adding the possibility of adding data tables from Excel files, I mean, to translate tables from Excel to LaTeX format. This feature is actually implemented in Inlage, another LaTeX visual editor. I think this is a very interesting feature to be added to BaKoMa because managing with tables is one of the hardest tasks when creating a LaTeX document, at least for me.
2012/11/05 19:31:18 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

The problem may be solved from another side. See Google will show more on request of "Excel to LaTeX".

BaKoMa TeX Word in opposite gives advantages for editing tables directly in LaTeX format.

So, I think that integrating this feature into BaKoMa TeX is unreasonable.

Anyway, let us look at voting.

2013/02/26 16:01:54 UTC

Hello Guys, I have one remark on excel2latex: it helps processing tables indeed, but, unfortunately, it works only in one direction. What would be really helpful is a table wizard that enables easy change of an existing LaTeX table. Who has ever had to do the Cindarella job of re-editing big tables in LaTeX (inserting or moving columns or rows, changing size, merging cells, etc.) would welcome a fully featured, bidirectional table wizard for LaTeX. Best Regards, Pawel
2013/03/11 19:45:21 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Editing LaTeX table will be easiest directly in TeXWord.

Just look into document (DVI) window, click into it, insert/delete in it.

Just change your thinking ... and you will see that TeXWord is such tool.

2016/03/14 23:08:23 UTC
Brian Cowan    

I have been very happy using excel2latex to create tables. However I do think there is an issue about editing tables that are already in LaTeX. Although Basil recommends editing in the TeXWord DVI display window, I don't think you can, for example, select a column and delete it or shift it. I suspect it would not be very difficult to export a LaTeX table to Excel for further editing.
2017/02/24 20:47:56 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

TeXWord have table editing commands in context menu.
They allows insert/delete/shift rows.

It is probably the problem is that existing of such commands is not obvious.

is it possible better to add information about these commands into ABout section of our site ?

2017/09/26 19:29:13 UTC
Brian Cowan    

Basil is right and I am wrong. To insert an extra row (or column) you use the menu item "duplicate row" (or column). You must have the cursor in the right place in the DVI window and then do a "right click" for the menu. There are other options as well. *It works a treat*. Just as Basil says in (2013/03/11 19:45:21 UTC) above. Just change your thinking . . . .
2018/06/10 13:11:51 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Converting Excel files into LaTeX is solving on side of Excel:

Even more:

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