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2012/11/05 17:48:55 UTC
Vicent Giner Bosch    
An easy-to-use bibliographic style creator

I think one really interesting feature for making a difference would be the following: A new auxiliary program at BaKoMa aimed at creating customized bibliographic sytles (.bst files) for being used with BibTeX and/or Natbib. It should be easy to use, maybe with visual features... I mean, it could be like a friendly visual interface for `makebst` command program provided by `custom-bib` package, or something similar. Also, it could help somehow to choose the cite style, I mean, it could work as a guide for choosing appropriate Natbib package options, or something similar. I think this is a very interesting feature because managing bibliography is one of the hardest tasks when managing with a LaTeX document, at least for me, specially if it is a big one.

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