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2012/10/17 18:34:05 UTC
Code folding in the TexWord source windows

Add an option to use code folding (i.e. a small + or - symbol in the margin) for sections, environments, display equations etc
2013/03/12 09:10:18 UTC
Ben McDowell    

I don't understand your request. It sounds helpful. Could you please explain explicitly and in a more detailed way what is "code folding"?
2013/05/16 09:31:26 UTC
Ben McDowell    

Maybe someone else can explain this request?
2013/10/03 19:11:51 UTC
Szent Tehen    

Code folding allows you to hide sections of the code from view. For example, suppose you have a long table in a document that takes up 100 lines. Code folding would allow you to collapse that code in the source window so that those 100 lines were represented as a single line. If you wanted to change the table, you would unfold the code so you could view and edit all of it. By folding all the the tables in a document, it would be easier to navigate the document. Likewise, you could fold sections of the document so you could focus on editing only one section. In text editors for programming, it is common to be able to fold for-loops, comments, or sub-functions, for example.
2013/12/31 12:02:29 UTC
Ben McDowell    

Okay, thanks. I see now.
2014/03/25 19:14:54 UTC
leo mayer    

I personally would like to see it for each structure which start with a \begin to the \end. This would mean as well that multiple foldings within one structure are possible.
Also the question would be how to handle it, if you click into the text in the editor ==> should the source-file remain collapsed or automatically expanded? (I would vote for the first option)

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