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Update on Bakoma
[Tijs H, Dh, Eaton W, Ben McDowel, Martin J. Osborne, Dung Le]
212020/05/16 01:14:11 CEST
Ensuring that Bakoma works in the future
[Dmitry Makarov, Ben McDowel, Eaton W, Dung Le, Dh, dH, , Luca Spriano, Jürgen Dubau, Jacques Cremer, , Martin J. Osborne, Tijs H, Chen, Zhengchao Jiang, Brian Cowan, Babai, , d893ea462a84ae97734232f, Sascha hankele, 89780a16, Theorist, ilker Kocyigit, Zetrov, Francesco Manzali, Trajano Costa]
822020/05/16 01:11:17 CEST
Cannot increase save_size
[Tingda Du, John Smith]
22020/05/14 17:36:11 CEST
Windows system beep when using keyboard to open menues
12020/04/22 04:16:46 CEST
Links to https URLs using hyperref
[Martin J. Osborne, Michael Gerfin]
32020/04/01 15:13:35 CEST
issue with a second display
[Eaton W, Jacques Crémer]
32020/03/20 05:39:56 CET
SwiftLaTeX: Open Source Bakoma Alternative
[Tijs H, Ben McDowel, Brian Cowan]
42020/03/12 22:35:40 CET
Bakoma-Tex put on sale
[Tijs H, Eaton W, Dung Le, Chen, Jacques Cremer, dH, Zetrov, Brian Cowan, Ben McDowel]
182020/03/04 16:55:54 CET
Inserting tex code directly into equation
[David, Zongwei Lu]
22020/03/01 03:30:22 CET
Bakoma doesn't support IEEE Access template??
[chen sun]
12020/01/17 08:11:30 CET

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