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2020/11/02 21:05:39 CET
Brian Cowan    
Other (Mac) implementations of LaTeX

Unusually (perhaps) my complete experience with LaTeX is using BaKoMaTeX. In preparation for a life without BaKoMaTeX - or indeed just "growing up", I would like to explore other LaTeX implementations. I suspect the various quick-rendering solutions such as Compositor will not suit me. What I would like to try is a fully-functional / complete implementation of LaTeX. Moreover it must support the old (BaKoMaTeX-compatible) DVI-LaTeX rather than (or as well as) the modern PDF-LaTeX. Does anyone have any recommendations - for MacOS (Mojave). Ease of set-up would be helpful. I should also add that I want to try a "full" LaTeX implementation as I have had a certain problem using BaKoMaTeX, writing a multiple-chapter book, where each chapter is a separate LaTeX file and they are all linked with a Master LaTeX file using \include. My problem relates to putting citation bibliographies at the end of each chapter. I suspect there is a problem with BaKoMaTeX, but I must investigate further before a definitive statement.
2020/11/02 22:58:37 CET
Tijs H    

Dear Brian,

I haven't tested it very extensively, but I have tried out TeXPad for few days on MacOS and I liked it a lot!
For now I prefer BaKoMa, but if needed this where I will switch to probably.
I think TeXPad still has a huge productivity advantage over many other LaTeX editors.
The synchronization works quite well.
It also has a form of incremental LaTeX compilation! (but you can disable this if desired)
Also it has an integrated package downloader just as BaKoMa.
I honestly think that TeXPad will be the best alternative to BaKoMa
In some sense it will indeed be "growing up" but on the other hand TeXPad seem to have some nice features as well, and it has a modern UI.

Anyways, I think this is a good topic, and I would also like to hear what other people think of this software, or what kind of other good LaTeX editors exist!

Kind regards,
2020/11/03 08:06:26 CET
Brian Cowan    

Tijs - thank you; I will try TeXPad. Much appreciated. Brian.
2020/11/03 08:07:32 CET
Brian Cowan    

By the way - how do you get a line feed in these messages? - I can't seem to do it!!
2020/11/04 16:27:56 CET
Jacques Crémer    

I have heard lots of good things about TeXPad over the years, but have never used it as it is only implemented on Apple products. However, their website indicates that they are working on a Windows version and one can sign up for a (forthcoming) beta version. It would be good if a number of people did that to encourage them to develop it faster :)
2020/11/07 11:09:46 CET
Tijs H    

Brian, you can use html tags in the message. < br > Will add a line break.
2020/11/09 18:41:24 CET
Brian Cowan    

It seems that the *default* engine for TeXPad is PDF-LaTeX; indeed I believe the "display" window shows PDF render. This is *interesting* since Basil was able to achieve the speed of BaKoMaTeX's rendering by using DVI.

Having set the switch to DVI-LaTeX I was able to load some documents produced with BaKoMaTeX, and the main problem was with some graphics. The Error flagged "missing bounding box". But I must say, the rendering was VERY slow.
I missed not having "corresponding cursors" in the code and display windows. - A great luxury in BaKoMaTeX.

Tijs: Thank you for the line break information.

2020/11/24 07:35:48 CET
Jacques Crémer    

On 16 November, through Twitter I asked TexPad where the Windows version was standing. The answer was "Yes it, its going well, but its a long project though and we are developing the macOS/iOS apps, so it is not ready yet. If you've emailed you should already be on the beta list to get a look at it when it is ready to try, if not, please email" Now, given that they have been at it since at least 2018, this may not be that encouraging.


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