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2020/07/29 14:03:48 CEST
Evan C. Chen    
No responses from purchase system

Dear all, recently, my students just purchased the one with student license; however, after payment there is no response (i.e., email) from the purchase system, and thus they did not receive any information from the purchase system. Although the bank agent informed them that the seller has not yet charged the fee. Anyone encountered the same scenario?
2020/08/04 05:26:53 CEST
Aaa Bbb    

If you have registration issues, you should be able to get help from Digital River GmbH, since they sell the product on behalf of BaKoMa. You can get support from them by going to and clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom. If you try this, let me know—I'm curious if it helps.
2020/08/04 05:27:44 CEST
Aaa Bbb    

Sorry, I meant "purchase or registration issues" rather than "registration issues".


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