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2020/07/15 19:18:47 CEST
Brian Cowan    
Opening two copies of the same document

I am working on a document with a number of sections. Each section is contained in a different LaTeX file, all sections called by a main.tex file with the \include{} command. This works fine. In order to edit conveniently it would be great to have *two* BaKoMaTeX Word windows open on my computer. I realized I can do this in the following way. I created a copy of main.tex, with a different name, say main2.tex. Then I can open the main.tex file in one BaKoMaTeX window, and open main2.tex in another BaKoMaTeX window. Then I can scroll around the two copies, for instance, copying labels from one part of the document into references in another part. I am thinking it might be advisable to do all my writing/edits in one instantiation, using the other just for looking/copying. Does anyone have any opinions on the possible dangers of doing this? It seems a clever trick!!
2020/07/24 19:27:24 CEST
Derek Laing    

Brian, Hi. Your approach works, but, with multiple masterfiles, it could become confusing. There is a simpler alternative: you actually can run simultaneously (at least) 5 TexWord programs (appearing in separate program windows) that open the same master file (even if that file is built using the "include" command). Thus, "window 1" could be focused on chapter 1,..., "window n chapter (section) n," etc. Method: "shift-click" the Texword exe file (or exe shortcut) and open Mymaster.tex (when prompted). Repeat this step for each window (of the same file or, for that matter, for any other files) As you may know, if you were to, say, add an additional page in Ch1, window(s) n>1 will respond only after hitting the "refresh doc button(s)." (Window n compiles LaTeX in the nbd. of the pages you have open in that window; it must be made aware of changes elsewhere in the document).
2020/08/05 03:33:03 CEST
Brian Cowan    

Derek: Thank you very much for this suggestion. I didn't realize you could open more than one instance of TexWord on the same document. I recall Basil told me I can have a copy of TexWord and BaKoMa Text Editor both open on the same document -- but that didn't help me. \\\\ I have used your suggestion and it is great. I'm unsure of how many "refresh doc" presses I have to do on each copy to synchronize, and I'm still twitchy about having two editors simultaneoulsy working on the same document.\\\\ I'm working on a book which currently has about 800 pages in six separate chapters. So you can imagine - the refresh takes a bit of time. \\\\ Thank you again for your help.
2020/08/11 17:20:02 CEST
Derek Laing    

Brian, Hi. I sympathize with the labor of Sisyphus entailed in writing a book. I found the xr.sty file indispensable, since it permits the creation of several master files, with proper cross referencing. There are clear benefits of typesetting smaller parts; with the laTeX cross-referencing system, the only major cost perhaps is unanticipated re-flow (so, that extra page you included in Ch. n now changes the even/odd layout in subsequent chapters). On the (different) subject of writing a book, I also found Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking (professional) to be of great value, since it cooperates quite well with Bakoma. For example, I created a command "Function VarA VarB," so by saying "Function gamma x" I instantly produce the LaTeX markup code for the gamma function with argument x. Likewise, "Function Bessel z" etc. (I had to write the appropriate markup for each of the functions listed in this command---but only once). The possibilities are endless; my command "TECH SET V cap W," produces $V \cap W$; saying "My Index "apple" " produces the markup for a latex index with entry "apple" etc. Hence, endless \Mydots


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