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2020/06/06 17:33:06 CEST
Jan Brosius    
installation of bakoma tex on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi, I can not get Bakoma Tex (linux edition) working on Ubuntu 20.04 . I installed Bakoma TeX and got the message: "installation succesful". I get all Bakoma Tex icons in the main menu bar (cinnamon desktop in ubuntu 20.04). But clicking on one of the icons doesn't start Bakoma. (I cannot activate Bakoma with my license key). I tried the command "texword" in the terminal. System responds with "command not found". I then inserted an export of "/opt/bakoma/bin/linux:$PATH" in HOME/.profile to be sure The OS will first search for the command "texword" in /opt/bakoma/bin/linux. Now typing "texword" in the terminal gives me at least something: the function "shm_open()" is not available. Googling gives me the result that it belongs to glibc and this belongs to the package gcc. I installed gcc. Now typing the command "texword" in the terminal seems to start the program: in the terminal something seems to be running in the background, but no message. And there starts no GUI. This gives me the impression that the program is searching for a command(?) that it cannot find in /.profile. I don't know what to export to the PATH in /.profile. Any help welcome. (I think the PATH variable needs to be changed but I don't know how to do it). Thanks
2020/07/29 18:12:27 CEST

I have exactly the same problem. gcc has been installed but in terminal there is no nothing and program does not start.
2020/08/02 19:14:09 CEST
Mark Grechanik    

I've got exactly the same problem with ubuntu 20. If there is no solution, I need to get a refund.


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