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2020/05/17 01:51:20 CEST
Jake Wright    
Processing Large Documents

Does Bakoma for mac work well for processing large documents/textbooks with images? Some of my notes have a lot of images (think >200mb) and was wondering if it will hang? I can't test on trial version since it only works for up to 7 pages.
2020/05/22 20:27:26 CEST
Dung Le    

Bakoma is almost a dead project. You can try this one. From https://compositorapp.com/, I found that this is a great WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor with polished UI. It's unfortunate that it only on macOS at the present. I'm a Windows user. Just $29/1 licence: All purchases include lifetime updates. Buy once, get all updates for free, major version updates included. In the demo in the website, it processes a textbook with over 400 pages very fast.


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