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2020/05/16 01:09:17 CEST
Dung Le    
Compositor - the WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor for Mac

From https://compositorapp.com/, I found that this is a great WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor with polished UI. It's unfortunate that it only on macOS at the present. I'm a Windows user. Just $29/1 licence: All purchases include lifetime updates. Buy once, get all updates for free, major version updates included. Has anybody tried this one? It has 30 days of trial without limitations.
2020/05/16 06:50:38 CEST

I think we should not use it. BaKoMa should teach us a lesson, that one-man software will have unforeseen future, someday the author will abandon it. Open source software can give users infinity control of the software for infinity future.
2020/05/26 17:51:17 CEST
Brian Cowan    

I tried this and it didn't suit me. It implements a subset of LaTeX - although more features are promised. True, the user interface is polished, but you don't have access to the LaTeX code file. For me, the beauty of BaKoMaTeX is that you have access to both the LaTeX file and the DVI file. I tend to write in the LaTeX window and see it rendered in the DVI window. Indeed, by doing this I have learned all the LaTeX I know. It would be really great of BaKoMaTeX were to become open source.
2020/07/02 09:21:43 CEST

I tried it and also found it to be quite limited. It's really a work-in-progress.


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