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2020/05/14 12:48:15 CEST
Brian Cowan    
Mac computers and ARM

I guess the rumoured shift, by Apple, from Intel to ARM CPUs means that BaKoMaTeX would no longer be available on the new computers. If Basil were with us I assume the recompilation for ARM and consequent "bug" fixes would be fairly straightforward. But It requires someone with intimate knowledge of the system. I'm thinking of moving to Linux.
2020/05/16 01:11:45 CEST
Dung Le    

From, I found that this is a great WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor with polished UI. It's unfortunate that it only on macOS at the present. I'm a Windows user. Just $29/1 licence: All purchases include lifetime updates. Buy once, get all updates for free, major version updates included. I think you should give it a try :)
2020/06/10 22:27:28 CEST
Brian Cowan    

I wrote in another thread that Compositor does not suit me. With the Mac move to ARM, in the absence of Basil, and with no access to the source code, Mac users will be stuffed. Does anyone have any news from Denis?
2020/06/11 16:40:12 CEST
Tijs H    

Hi Dung Le,
I'm both Windows and Mac user for BaKoMa.
I gave Compositor a try a long time ago, and even recent, to see where the current development stands.
The points Brian makes also apply to me.
Besides the missing features, it only implements a subset of LaTeX.
Also, there does not seem to be a lot of (progressive) updates over the last 2 years, unfortunately.
Hence, I don't see Compositor become a viable alternative in a short timespan.

@Brian, I mailed Denis in February:
Dear Dennis,

I'm interested in the Bakoma Project.
Could you share information on what components the project consists of? (Does it contain a custom TeX compiler that needs to be maintained for example) Furthermore, could you clarify about documentation of the project itself and which technologies are used.
I really would like to continue with the work of your uncle, but more information is really important.

Also regarding the pricing; I'm not sure what you expect from that.

Kind regards,



The entire project is being sold. the source code, the site, and all of Vasily's work. The main language of project is C++.
Approximate price is 350 000€.

Best regards,

Of course I'm not willing to spend such a large amount of money on this project.
I think it would be best if Denis would just release the source code in honor of the continuation of the project that his uncle built instead of trying to make those last few hundred bucks out of it by selling an unmaintained executable, and letting it dissappear in oblivion.
I don't think anyone will be anywhere close to spending such amount of money.

Perhaps with the entire community we could gather a few hundred bucks to buy it, but it will probably even be less than 1000 euros I'm afraid...

Perhaps I should contact Denis once more and argue the importancy of this becoming an open source project.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Kind regards,
2020/06/11 23:59:50 CEST
Ben McDowel    

Dear Tijs,

Yes, I agree that the price sought by Denis is seemingly unrealistic: it's not that they sell a living company, they sell a code for which the main developer has sadly not with us anymore, hence nobody can actually continue the project with fast revenues. The most realistic option is indeed open source. Or maybe some crowedsourcing.
I support your attempt to contact him again.
2020/06/14 13:52:59 CEST
Brian Cowan    

Dear Tijs: I, also, support attempting to contact Denis again. I assume as time goes on the price will drop?! Brian.
2020/06/17 17:17:33 CEST
Dung Le    

It's a sad story for an innovative technology.
2020/06/18 17:51:26 CEST

Just one point about the price. It is very strange to quote a price to Tijs, without giving information about the revenues from Bakoma-TeX over the last few years, the number of clients, the business model, etc. (And before purchasing, anyone would want certified accounts.) Dennis, if you are reading this and you want to really want to sell the project, you need to find someone who can help you make a well thought out proposal, with all the information needed for someone to evaluate what you are selling. You also need to think about the type of terms you will accept: do you insist on cash? Are you willing to take shares in the company which would buy it? And the person who helps you with this needs to help you figure out a reasonable price. Doing all of this is a job for a professional. I am quite certain that if you do not sell in a more professional way, you will not find anybody even interested in beginning negotiations with you.
2020/07/05 03:23:49 CEST
Martin J. Osborne    

This really looks like the end of BaKoMa. Obviously asking for 350,000 euros is completely delusional. (350 euros might be reasonable ...) Also, the SSL certificate for the site has expired, the purchase page is no longer available, and the home page redirects to this thread. As Dung Le says, it's a sad story for an innovative technology.
2020/07/05 15:21:25 CEST
Tijs H    

I have contacted Denis and he did not reply anymore.
I also informed him about the poor security of this website (I can access and modify all webserver files of BaKoMa)
Clearly I'm not into abusing this.
I suggested that I could help him fix it, but that it would be appropriate to comment on the forum and show his perspective on all of this.
Because of the lack of his response, I decided to redirect the home page to this forum, and disable the purchase page.
Both with the goal of triggering Dennis to give updates to the community.
Unfortunately this still has not happened....
2020/07/06 16:13:12 CEST
Eaton W    

@Tijs H Thanks for doing all these! I wonder how many active users does Bakoma have. If there were a few thousands, and the more the better, crowdfund might be possible, even if Denis insisted upon asking for 350k Euros.
2020/07/08 15:17:28 CEST
Humberto Bortolossi    

I think it's worth to try to contact big companies to see if they buy the BaKoMa project: Wolfram Alpha, Amazon, ... With good and wide advertisement, perhaps it would be possible to gather 350000 euros using platforms like KickStarter.
2020/07/09 23:33:15 CEST
Tijs H    

^ I suggest not to give false impressions to Dennis (if he will ever read this)

The BaKoMa community is not so large, and I suppose only a handful of people would actually donate some money to it (and even then, I would not expect people from the BaKoMa to donate hundreds of dollars to it)

@Humberto it should actually be Dennis his task to do this. I personally strongly doubt a big company would be interested in it. Ideas of Wysiwyg LaTeX have been shown in research papers and individuals have been able to recreate it (Compositor for example, but as has been mentioned earlier, not yet to the extend that is needed as a replacement, but it seems to me that the idea that is used is similar). Also TexPad seems to make use of the incremental LaTeX compilation that Bakoma uses in its live typesetting (in TexPad it is referred to as Live Typeset. That feature is also far from perfect, but also the idea is shown).
I honestly think that a Tech company that is interested in this, would be able to recreate it themselves using their very experienced developers. I suspect the large tech companies won't be interested in making such a system, and otherwise would develop it themselves.

This is just my viewpoint.
I don't want to sound too critical.
I support any initiative to keep BaKoMa alive, so if you disagree, feel free to take initiative on for example such a crowdfunding!

2020/07/10 01:56:01 CEST
Martin J. Osborne    

I completely agree with Tijs.

I'm sure that Basil's code has little if any documentation, and given that it evolved over many years (several decades, I think), it is likely to a bit of a mess. My guess is that a programmer would want to use modern tools and start from scratch --- that would be faster than trying to figure out the existing code. (That's what I did myself recently with a large project with a similar history.)

I cannot see how the project could be financially viable. If a programmer is devoted to the project, as Basil was, then sure, the revenue might pay the web hosting fees plus provide a bit of pocket money. But revenue beyond that seems unlikely.

The best bet to preserve Basil's legacy would be to open-source the project, but Dennis doesn't seem interested in that.

2020/08/15 01:56:09 CEST

WTF cannot this project go open source. It's will be obviously zero users within a few years, since new versions of machines/OSs may break something. It's crazy to witness a real legacy becoming ash in real life.
2020/08/15 17:37:24 CEST
Tijs H    

It is.
@asdasdasdasd I encourage you to send an e-mail to Denis, and explain your frustration to him.
The mail address is


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