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2019/09/19 11:13:35 CEST
License activation is not working well

I found that license activation is not working well. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
2019/09/21 15:35:32 CEST
Ben McDowel    

Try emailing: bakomatex@gmail.com
2019/09/25 06:02:43 CEST

Hi Ben, I have mailed him many times but he did not reply/response me. I have let my friends/students stop to buy Bakoma though it is very useful tool for sure.
2019/09/25 14:14:13 CEST
Ben McDowel    

Okay, I see. This is indeed not good. I have emailed him, and they replied recently. I don't know why they don't reply to you.

Best wishes,
2019/09/25 14:43:38 CEST

Should I trust them and let my students pay for being a new user?
2019/09/25 14:49:44 CEST

By the way, the purchase list has been changed. Only the "1 year with upgrade" can be purchased. This might be a strategy to force new users to buy the one with higher price.
2019/11/11 19:00:22 CET
Brian Cowan    

Not strictly for this thread, but . . . . . I'm not sure if there is any point in paying for upgrade options if there is scant information there will be any upgrades.
2020/05/16 01:12:49 CEST
Dung Le    

From https://compositorapp.com/, I found that this is a great WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor with polished UI. It's unfortunate that it only on macOS at the present. I'm a Windows user. Just $29/1 licence: All purchases include lifetime updates. Buy once, get all updates for free, major version updates included.
2020/05/19 19:05:30 CEST

Respected Sir, Greetings!! My Bakoma details are as follows: User Name: MURARI PRASAD SINGH Reg Code: SW251b08c9-5d1372c7-7e2e0b4a-2d73557c License Type: PERSONAL NON-UPGRADABLE Licensed Copies: 1 Purchase Date: 14/10/2010. Sir, when I activate my bakoma tex: a message appears showing the below-mentioned error: "Activation failed. The reason is 'ACTIVATION LIMIT EXCEEDED'. If you think that activation server rejects your activation incorrectly contact support@bakoma-tex.com and explain the situation We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience. Please help me sir and extend my activation limit. For this I will be highly obliged you. Warm Regards Murari Prasad singh
2020/06/20 22:16:37 CEST

If you have reregistration issues, you should be able to get help from Digital River GmbH, since they sell the product on behalf of BaKoMa. You can get support from them by going to https://www.digitalriver.com and clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom.


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