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2019/04/19 00:23:25 CEST
Víctor Sánchez Salmerón    
"I can't find file 'latex.ltx' linux error

Hi! I'm testing Bakoma in GNU/linux OS before purchase a new license. I'm working on Ubuntu 19.04 and Bakoma 11.80 (and texlive-full package installed). Unfortunatelly, when I load a document the Bakoma console show the error message: ERROR: Can't download :lates:tex/ñatex/base/latex.ltx ! I can't find file 'latex.ltx' l.2 \input latex.ltx please type another input file name:" But, in Bakoma Tex Common Settings, when I search the name of the file "latex.ltx" (in find files tab), the file is located in ":latex:tex/latex/base/latex.ltx" so, is somebody experience any similar issue?, any idea about whats could be wrong? I've tested some months ago in the previous ubuntu version and bakoma was working fine...
2019/06/29 11:33:14 CEST
Lucas Willems    

I have the exact same issue... Impossible to use Bakoma on Ubuntu 19.04
2020/08/11 18:02:43 CEST
Frédéric Bour    

I just had the same issue, I found a way to fix it. 1. Start Bakoma Settings 2. Go to directories tab, 3. You should see something like "$BKMDIR, (/opt/bakoma/BaKoMa), [ls-R]". 4. Click Attach Directory, and select /opt/bakoma/temmf I don't know why, but apparently a wrong settings prevent this directory from being scanned and it is the one containing a few crucial files, including latex.ltx.


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