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2018/12/11 09:40:13 UTC
Tijs H    
Project abandoned ?

Dear, I can't help but notice that Basil hasn't been on the forum over a month. Will this tool still get support and updates? Kind regards, Tijs
2019/01/09 17:47:34 UTC
Martin J. Osborne    

I'm not getting any response to a support request --- is anyone getting a response?
2019/01/15 13:31:10 UTC
Luca Spriano    

I looked in the wiki page "Comparison TEX editors" and Bakoma no longer exists!
2019/01/15 14:56:02 UTC
Martin J. Osborne    

Looks like it was removed in the revision on 9 September 2018, when the user Rhododendrites removed a lot of entries. The previous page (29 August 2018) was https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Comparison_of_TeX_editors&direction=prev&oldid=858694749 After the editing, the page was https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Comparison_of_TeX_editors&direction=next&oldid=857074266 This change seems unconnected with any change in Basil's engagement in the project.
2019/01/19 21:56:15 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Yes, wikipedia means nothing. Even if the Bakoma is abandoned, this does not mean the Bakoma program s not a viable existing editor for Tex; because the code and program still exist.
Nevertheless, I am too am worried about the future of Bakoma, which in my opinion is the greatest TeX editor available nowadays. Of course I hope the Basil is well also.
2019/01/20 10:52:45 UTC
Tijs H    

I feel the same. It would be very unfortunate if no progress ever can be made for this LaTeX editor. In many ways (especially the live latex rendering) Bakoma is superior. Even if no progress will be made anymore, then releasing the source code of Bakoma would be so helpful for the entire TeX community. However, I cannot imagine Basil abandoning this project without letting anything know which makes me worry if he is okay...
2019/01/20 14:39:36 UTC
Martin J. Osborne    

I very much hope that Basil is OK, but it seems to me that the leading hypothesis for his absence here has to be that he has a health problem. If the site becomes inaccessible, we will have no way to communicate, so perhaps it is a good idea to share contact information now? I'm martin.j.osborne@gmail.com.
2019/01/21 13:54:43 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Hi, My email: ben.mcdowell1000@gmail.com
2019/01/23 09:11:08 UTC
Tijs H    

I don't see how this will help us any further but I'm contactable on tijsh111@gmail.com
2019/02/05 08:00:10 UTC
Brian Cowan    

I, also, am concerned. I use BaKoMaTeX very heavily and would find life difficult without it. I will soon be moving to a new computer; I trust the deregistering and reregistering process will still be supported?!?! For the record, my email is b.cowan@rhul.ac.uk
2019/02/05 14:23:51 UTC
Martin J. Osborne    

Please let us know if the deregistration-reregistration is successful.
2019/02/05 16:49:49 UTC

If you have reregistration issues, you should be able to get help from Digital River GmbH, since they sell the product on behalf of BaKoMa. You can get support from them by going to https://www.digitalriver.com and clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom.
2019/02/06 00:17:08 UTC
Brian Cowan    

My new computer should arrive next week. Martin: I will post the result. Theorist: thank you for that information.
2019/02/09 23:32:26 UTC

Hi, my name is Denis, I'm the nephew of Vasily. Unfortunately, I must inform you that Vassili is dead. I will try to continue this project, but I will need some time to figure it out.
2019/02/10 11:43:05 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Dear Denis,
I am very saddened to hear about Vassili passing away. He was certainly the soul around the Bakoma community, and I think his dedication to the project helped a lot in Bakoma becoming the best editor for TeX (and in fact the only wysiwyg editor in the world). He was probably a very smart programmer to be able to pull this project possibly alone.
It will be nice to hear about Vasili's life and achievements.
It is of course very promising that you are going to take control of this project from now on. It will certainly take time, but at least in the meantime you probably should support the most basic tasks: keeping this website alive so that people can download the software and support basic purchases/activation.
I hope that Vasili has left enough documentation for you and your colleagues to be able to understand what's going on in the program.
We trust you to hold the candle of Bakoma from now on!
Kind Regards, Ben
2019/02/10 16:51:37 UTC
Martin J. Osborne    

Denis --- I'd like to very much echo Ben's comments and express my condolences. Among the hundreds of programmers in the TeX world, Vasily (we knew him as Basil) single-handedly (if I understand correctly) wrote, developed, and supported the best (by far) editor for LaTeX code. It was an amazing achievement! The work of the teams of programmers on other editors pales by comparison.
Can you point us to an online obituary? (Russian is OK.) As Ben says, it would be nice to read about his life.
Regards, Martin
2019/02/10 20:20:08 UTC

Dear Denis, I didn't know Vasily personally, but I did correspond with him many years ago, and am sorry to hear of his passing. Please accept my condolences as well. I first encountered BaKoMa when I was writing my Ph.D. thesis in 2009. I was a Mac user and (for various reasons) strongly preferred to write my thesis in the MacOS. At the time BaKoMa was only written for Windows, so I could only use BaKoMa via the Parallels VM. Alas, in the VM, it was unusably slow, so BaKoMa wasn't an option for me at the time. However, I wrote to Vasily, explaining that many LaTeX users are physical scientists, and the percentage of the latter that own Macs is much higher than in the general population. I thus encouraged him to port BaKoMa to the Mac (and to Linux, as well). He thoughtfully considered what I wrote, and said he would look into it. I didn't need to use LaTeX again until this year, for a course I'm teaching in thermodynamics. I thus immediately thought about trying BaKoMa again, and was pleased to see there is now indeed a Mac version, which I just purchased (today!) after evaluating it for a couple of weeks.
2019/02/10 23:04:11 UTC
Brian Cowan    

Denis: I, also, offer my sincere condolences on Basil's passing. It was only after discovering BaKoMaTeX that I became an enthusiastic convert to LaTeX. I had always thought that I *should* use LaTeX, but I found learning and writing raw LaTeX code too complicated. A number of years a go I read a spoof article, saying that Microsoft were adopting LaTeX for the next version of their Word word processor. I realised it was an "April Fool" joke. But years later it was clear that *if* they wanted to use the LaTeX engine, then the way to do it would be to adopt BaKoMaTeX. As Martin mentioned above, BaKoMaTeX is, without doubt, the best LaTeX editor. And the algorithms for the "instantaneous" refresh are pure genius. I never met him, but he always responded to my problems and queries with good-natured help. He will be sorely missed.
2019/02/12 08:21:28 UTC
Eaton W    

Dear Denis, Please accept my deepest condolence! As a user (among all other users) heavily relying on Bakoma, I owe Basil a tremendously! I have been using Bakoma for nine years, during which Basil had been extremely responsive on helping out when I had issues using Bakoma. I cannot imagine how he could single-handedly developed such a great Tex editor that is second to none and could react so quickly to users' help requests. This is why I have been advertising Bakoma to my colleagues and friends and bought the license for my students and postdocs. It would be nice to read about Basil's life and achievements. Sincerely, Eaton ------- R.I.P. Basil (Vasily)! You will be sorely missed!
2019/02/12 13:02:00 UTC
Tijs H    

Dear Denis,
My sincere condelences!
As you can see, Vasiliy his software was very much appreciated!
If you can not manage this (probably complex) piece of software consider opensourcing it, for sake of the entire community. I'd love to see the algorithms behind Bakoma.
Please do not let it go into oblivion.

Best wishes
2019/02/12 16:51:10 UTC
Ben McDowel    

I wanted to second Tijs H!

Indeed, if it is a too complicated code it would be good to see it as an open source. Unless, of course Denis, you think you can actually take command of this software, which is only fair of course.

Best Wishes,
2019/02/13 17:49:07 UTC

Denis, please keep BaKoMa alive!
2019/02/17 19:20:47 UTC
Víctor Sánchez Salmerón    

First of all, my sincere condolences. I personally appreciate the Basili's work and dedication to Bakoma software. I'm sure that he was also committed to her friends and relatives as he was with the Bakoma user's community. I discovered Bakoma just two years ago but nowadays is essential in my workflow. Even I'm a social science researcher, I'm a great enthusiastic of latex -although is rarely used by my colleagues- because it allows me to be completely concerned just in the content. Although Bakoma is completely functional, and Basili legacy is huge, I hope to see new improvements in the future. I would like to be involved as a user, client or member of the community. Best Regards from spain, Víctor
2019/02/18 00:40:13 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Hello, BaKoMa isn't abandoned. Without Basil, supporting this project will not be easy. But I will do my best for this. At the moment I got access to the activation functions, and continue to study the source code of the program. First of all I will solve issues with activation and the problem of transferring current licenses. If your activation problem has not yet been resolved, please duplicate the request in the support section, or to BaKoMaTeX@gmail.com. Best regards Denis. P.S. Obituary about Basil, coming soon.
2019/02/18 13:54:26 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Thank you Denis!! We are all counting on you!

Of course, we will also be awaiting Basil's obituary.

2019/02/21 03:02:51 UTC
Eaton W    

Thank you so much Denis! Look forward to your new version of Bakoma and Basil's obituary. Best, EW
2019/03/22 09:18:49 UTC
Jacques Cremer    

Hello, I just wanted to say that I share the feelings expressed by others. I have been extremely thankful for BakomaTeX which makes using LaTeX such a pleasure. Basil certainly contributed to science by giving this tool. I will continue using it as long as it is possible, and hope that Denis succeeds in keeping it alive.
2019/03/22 09:18:52 UTC
Jacques Cremer    

Hello, I just wanted to say that I share the feelings expressed by others. I have been extremely thankful for BakomaTeX which makes using LaTeX such a pleasure. Basil certainly contributed to science by giving this tool. I will continue using it as long as it is possible, and hope that Denis succeeds in keeping it alive.
2019/04/04 17:49:23 CEST
Max Lavrentovich    

Denis, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Basil's fantastic work has seen me through all of graduate school, my postdoc, and now starting faculty life. I use it every day and my work would be tremendously more difficult without it. This year is the 10 year anniversary of my use of BaKoMa. I am forever grateful to Basil for his tireless efforts on this wonderful project. He will be sorely missed, indeed. I do sincerely hope that you will be able to keep BaKoMa going.
2020/05/16 01:15:06 CEST
Dung Le    

From https://compositorapp.com/, I found that this is a great WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor with polished UI. It's unfortunate that it only on macOS at the present. I'm a Windows user. Just $29/1 licence: All purchases include lifetime updates. Buy once, get all updates for free, major version updates included. Has anybody tried this one? It has 30 days of trial without limitations.


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