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2017/05/04 09:27:42 UTC
Vadim Kosoy    
Problem with SIAM articles

Bakoma has a template called "SIAM article." When I create such an article, the preview doesn't work. When I try to *open* the resulting file, I get the following error message: "This document uses document class 'siamltex', which isn't present in current LaTeX setup. Choose another document or install required document class under LaTeX and then try to open this document again." I tried to fix this by installing the SIAM macros from according to the instructions in However, it didn't seem to have any effect. Help will be appreciated!
2017/05/04 11:49:14 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Thanks for your report.
It is mistake that SIAM article template exists in our list.
We do not provide any support for SIAM article.
I will remove siam article template for next version.
Just use ex_article.tex file included into mentioned ZIP-file as template for your article.
2017/05/04 13:25:30 UTC
Vadim Kosoy    

Thank you for the prompt reply. Unfortunately, when I opened ex_article.tex I got some error about hypdvips. I tried installing the hypdvips package from but now I still get a (different) error: ! Package hypdvips Error: Wrong hyperref driver `hBaKoMaX0.def' selected! (hypdvips) Please switch to hdvips.def before loading hypdvips.
2017/05/04 13:57:45 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

To get new siam article working you should do following:
(1) Update cleveref package
(2) Update ntheorem package
[I update them for next version/revision]

(3) And finally, add option 'nohypdvips', like following

Note, the class has also option 'bakoma', but it do not work well. I look into class source - I don't understand why it can work.

However, using 'nohypdvips' make probably relevant result.

2017/05/04 14:46:20 UTC
Vadim Kosoy    

Can you explain to update cleveref and ntheorem? I can download them from CTAN, but should I install them as "new" packages or should I replace some existing files in the Bakoma installation?
2017/05/05 08:50:27 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

There are experimental test version V 11.33, Rev 170505 which includes updated packages.

In other side, you can download them from CTAN and install manually as explained in our FAQ (first answer).

2017/05/06 07:39:27 UTC
Vadim Kosoy    

OK, I installed the experimental version (during installation, I opted to updated by existing version) and opened ex_article.tex again. I got an error about hypdvips so I added nohypdvips to the documentclass like you suggested. The hypdvips error is gone but now I have a new error: "! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `nameinlink' for package `cleveref'."
2017/05/06 08:14:57 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

...during installation, I opted to updated by existing version...

Install into new folder.
There is old version of 'cleveref' in old folder.

2017/05/06 09:18:27 UTC
Vadim Kosoy    

Seems to work, thanks!


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