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2017/05/03 14:46:15 UTC
Timo Henckel    
Sophisticated Tables

Hi everyone, I feel very stupid asking this but how does one insert a table? (I don't mean a table of contents but a table with, say, numbers.) And how do I adjust this table, allowing wrapping of text in some cells, for example, and not in others, changing the alignment cell by cell, merging cells, choosing borders, and so on. At the moment the only way to include a table is to insert a matrix, with the numbers of rows and columns being the only inputs. That seems so unbelievably primitive that I feel like I'm missing something! Thank you for your help. Regards, Timo
2017/05/03 16:51:10 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

LaTeX tabular environments meets your needs.
You must only specify format of columns.

Read any latex guide for details.
So, for example The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e, (Tobias Oetike and others) on page 41 explains using tabular environment.


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