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2017/04/22 14:39:55 UTC
Workflow 'Alt-Tab' issues

When I'm working in Bakoma Tex, I am often switching between windows to reference documents, stata, etc. I typically switch between windows using alt-tab, however when I tab back into bakoma tex, I cannot simply continue to type in the code window (where I am typically typing), but rather I am forced to click back in the code window with my mouse. Is there a way to keep the typing cursor live where it was in the code when switching between backoma tex and other windows? I just tested this issue if I am typing in the display (not the code), and it does not seem to be an issue there. Is there an option to make alt-tab work the way I'd like it to in the code window? Thanks! Additional information: I am using Windows 10.
2017/04/22 15:20:16 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

I have checked it just now.

Focus is returned to source window properly after Alt+TAB.

It is probably you have some special configuration.

If you will provide more information we can try to handle it.

2017/04/22 15:55:24 UTC

Thanks for the quick response. Given that you had no issues, I tried restoring the default window configuration, and you are correct that alt-tab works properly then. In this, the source file defaults to the bottom of the screen. In my setup, I've pulled the source window out of the tex-word display window and placed it into another monitor (one monitor has source code, the other displays the compiled document). The same issues occur with alt-tab if I have both windows on the same monitor, but have pulled the source window next to the display window (source window and display window are the same height, but each uses half the horizontal space). Thanks for looking into this, let me know if there's any additional information you need.


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