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2017/03/10 13:26:26 UTC
Iryna Nikolayeva    
inserting citations from a .bib file

Dear all, I am new to BakomaTex and Latex and I have problems to make citations work. I am using TexWord. When I use the graphical way of inserting citations, I manage to open my .bib file, find Ideker2002 paper, but then I have no button to Insert. I also tried using the code below: \cite{Ideker2002} \bibliographystyle{elsarticle-num} \bibliography{/Users/iryna/library.bib} I have an .aux file that is generated. And Ideker2002 is definetely present in /Users/iryna/library.bib with this label. I hav this generated in the log: SRCINFO: cont 1:"ManuscriptJActive.tex" Package natbib Warning: Citation `Ideker2002' on page 1 undefined on input line 121. SRCINFO: open 3:"ManuscriptJActive.bbl" (ManuscriptJActive.bbl Package natbib Warning: Empty `thebibliography' environment on input line 8. ) SRCINFO: cont 1:"ManuscriptJActive.tex" Package natbib Warning: There were undefined citations. [1 ] What's wrong? Moreover, are there tutorials for wordTex? Thanks!
2017/03/10 15:39:18 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Look into *.BLG file for details.
2017/05/18 19:44:38 UTC

I am new to BakomaTex and Late, too. may I as where should I put the .bib file when I using TexWord? Can I store all the .bib in some specific folder?
2017/05/19 10:15:50 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

BIB file may be placed into document folder.

Also, It may be placed into any TEXMF tree according TeX Directory Stanard.
One example:
Then rebuild ls-R using Options / Commons Settings / Directoris in $TEXMFLOCAL


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