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2017/02/13 11:31:52 UTC
David Srebnick    
Open with user template

I'm using BaKoMa-Tex 11.6 on Mac Sierra. I created a document template and then did "Save As Template". When I save, the pop-up window says that the template will be in the "User" folder when I open a new document. I don't see the user template directory in the "Template Chooser." Is the new user template supposed to be available in the Template Chooser, or do I have to open it directly? My preference would be for it to show up in the Template Chooser if that feature could be added.
2017/02/13 13:01:52 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It is probably something lock saving the template.
Look into Messages Window.
It should provide more information about the problem.
2017/04/30 12:53:31 UTC
Jason Swanson    

I have the same problem. When I "Save As Template", the "User" folder of Template Library does not appear. After saving as template, I opened the folder with User templates (Library/BaKoMa TeX/Template/Dir/User), and the template it saved is a blank file of size zero bytes.
2017/04/30 12:55:53 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Look into Messages Window for more diagnostic about the problem.
2017/04/30 13:10:29 UTC
Jason Swanson    

Is this what I'm looking for: TeXWord: : ERROR: /invalidaccess TeXWord: : Command: .def. TeXWord: : Execution stack: [ .def. .exec. .ifelse. .ifelse. .ifelse. .ifelse. TeXWord: : .ifelse. .ActiveDict .forall. .if. .ifelse. .ActiveDict .forall. .stopped. TeXWord: : ActiveDialogHandler ] TeXWord: : Dictionary stack: [ -systemdict:907/1156- -customdict:831/1024- TeXWord: : -userdict:375/1024- -dict:12/14- -dict:10/65- ] TeXWord: : Operand stack: [ 81 8 -dict:5/7- -mark- (\\Users\\jason\\Library\\BaKoMa TeXWord: : TeX\\Template\\Dir\\User\\Preprint template.tex) /fout TeXWord: : -file(1:/Users/jason/Library/BaKoMa TeX/Template/Dir/User/Preprint TeXWord: : template.tex+256)- ]
2017/04/30 13:28:42 UTC
Basil Malyshev    


It is bug.

Thanks for your report.
The problem fixed and will be available in next version (11.32)

2017/04/30 14:52:08 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

In Windows version 11.32 available on our site this bug has been fixed now.


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