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2017/02/03 01:41:51 UTC
Trajano Costa    
Bakoma Directory

It's possible to change the Bakoma directory just renaming? or I need to install everything on the new directory. thanks
2017/02/03 08:01:52 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

You can rename BaKoMa folder.
You can install BaKoMa TeX into another or the same folder.

if you will explain your problem in more details we will try to provide more useful hints.

2017/02/03 19:06:41 UTC
Trajano Costa    

My Bakoma was installed in C:\BaKoMa TeX, so when I tried to install the last vs I get a error. I renamed the directory and search in the registry, changed the key in the registry, abd the new vs installed with success. thx
2017/02/05 08:25:13 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It was found that folders with spaces in name can make problems under Windows 10.
So, I lock installation of BaKoMa TeX into folders with spaces.

A problem is appearing when you try to upgrade BaKoMa TeX which was installed into such problematic folder.
Really, you explained all ways how to handle this situation.
However, most direct way is install BaKoMa TeX into new folder.


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