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2014/05/01 11:11:18 UTC
Error: can't locate PSKERNEL.VM

I am having a recurrent error on the mac version that is preventing me to use Bakoma. When I open the TexWord I get the message: "Bakoma tex word initialization error There is an error in initialisation of bakoma tex word. The problem is in startup prologs or unaccessible resources. In this reason, running of the program is impossible. To show more information about an error press [YES] button. Do you want to see more information about a problem?" If I press yes then nothing happens. In the Messages windows app, I can read: TeXWord: ERROR: Can't locate PSKERNEL.VM TeXWord: ERROR: Can't locate: PSKernel Extra info: - Using OSX 10.9.2 - Tried to install previous versions of BaKoMa tex from 10.40 to 9.83 and I always get the same error, even when removing then bakoma folder in the library - The first time the error appeared it got solved after a reboot. Then it came back and persisted even after many reboots. - I created a temp account and tried to run a fresh downloaded copy. Same error. Any tips?
2014/05/01 17:13:26 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

In such problems (PSKERNEL.VM not found) I suggest to reboot your computer at first.
Even if you reinstall BaKoMa TeX reboot of computer is required.
If reboot do not help (instead of reinstalling of BaKoMa TeX) you can try to check ls-R in
/Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/BaKoMa
It must include pskernel.vm
Anyway you can rebuild it followig steps:

cd "/Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/BaKoMa" sudo ../bin/MacOS/mklsr

Then reboot computer.

Anyway, if reboot computer do not help, I want to see to your (mentioned) ls-R in order to diagnose the problem.

2017/05/09 19:39:07 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

More complete is at Mac downloads page

cd "/Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/BaKoMa"
sudo ../bin/MacOS/mklsr
cd ../texmf
sudo ../bin/MacOS/mklsr
../bin/MacOS/tnswhich '!Finish'


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