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Demonstrate Features of BaKoMa TeX

TeX Word --- Simplifies editing math and tables. 
BaKoMa TeX Word synchronizes carets in source and proof windows at editing math formulas with accuracy of a single character. This feature noticeably simplifies editing math formulas. BaKoMa TeX Word supports most common ways for entering math formulas:
  1. Immediate entering TeX notation in source window. It is very popular method for experienced users.
  2. Math Toolbar (shown when caret is inside math formula) has most useful math templates and thousands of math symbols, whose may be accessed via customizable shortcuts.
  3. For inserting additional symbols you can define 'User Macro', which may be placed on 'User Toolbar' or quickly accessed via ALT+U key.

TeX Word --- TeX Word is also running under Mac... 
BaKoMa TeX is running under Mac/Intel with OSX 10.5 and later.

TeX Word --- Editing LaTeX "picture" in TeXWord. 
BaKoMa TeX Word is excellent tool for editing complex LaTeX picture environment. This screenshot shows how we made diagram on page 49 of "BaKoMa TeX User's Guide". It is true, annotating images by TeXWord is much easier than by any other software.

TeX Word --- Editor for LaTeX based Presentations. 
BaKoMa TeX Word is ideal tool for creating LaTeX based presentations. It is because editing slides requires intensive visual control, which may be provided only by True WYSIWYG editor.
When you edit slides by using such packages as PowerDot or Prosper you can choose style visually in dialog opened by Insert/Document Properties menu command. Using another slide making packages (I.e. Beamer, Seminar, Slides, etc.) is also supported.