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2014/08/10 17:21:41 UTC
Ben McDowell    
How to export Bakoma setting to another computer

I have purchased a new computer and I need to export all Bakoma's setting from my old computer (e.g., user dictionary, user menu, etc.) How can I do this in the simplest manner?
2014/10/04 22:00:25 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Some settings may be saved in LOCAL folder (They are dictionaries or fonts installed by helpers for ALL USERS.)

Another Settings are saved in user folder:
(They are dictionaries, fonts installed for current user and all settings not related with document)
C:\Users\-UserName-\AppData\Roaming\BaKoMa TeX

Another settings are saved for documents in DDF files. (They are all document related settings)

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