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2014/05/15 09:49:26 UTC
sung-ha Hwang    
mac version keyboard shortcut changes

Hi, How can I change the keyboard shortcut for menu (mac version bakoma)? Especially, I would like to assing new key shortcut for "ROW Tex Code", but I don't know how. Thanks. Sung-Ha
2014/05/15 17:59:36 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Menu with shortcuts is defined in the file:
/Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/BaKoMa/TeXWord/TeXWord.mnu
It has simple enough structure to extend it.
2015/09/17 16:13:14 UTC
Dmitri Finkelshtein    

It looks that something has been changed (v.11). Could you answer with more details. For me Raw TeX Code hotkey was crucial in Windows version.
2015/09/19 05:46:09 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

V 11.0 has ne any changes related with this question.

The same file. The same folder.

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