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2013/03/25 13:39:02 UTC
George Mailath    
how do i transfer a registered copy of bakomatex to a new computer?

2013/03/25 19:52:30 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

  • Open About dialog on old computer (Help/About) and click "Unregister" button.
  • Install on new computer.
  • Activate on new computer.
Important: Copying C:\BaKoMa TeX folder will not transfer activation.
2013/04/02 12:15:44 UTC
Curtis Pro    

I would like to have Bakomatex running on my home, work and laptop computer. How do I accomplish this?
2013/04/03 12:51:41 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It is another question :=)
At first, You must select quantity=3 at purchase process, that will create registration code for 3 computers.
Then you will able to register software on three computers using the same license code.
NOTE: activating software on several computers and transferring from one computer to another are very different cases.
2013/10/12 06:54:31 UTC

Hi Basil Malyshev I'd line to know if I additionally can use the ``Backup CD'' I have purchased on some other PC/Laptop. If not please suggest how can I use BaKoMa TeX on two computers. Thanks Sanjeev Mishra India
2013/10/20 11:57:44 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

If you want to use BaKoMa TeX on two computers you must purchase license with quantity=2 selected at purchasing order.

Backup CD has no any relation with licensing. It is just CD on which you keep copy of software. It do not provide you any additional rights/licenses.

2013/12/09 13:10:43 UTC
Marek Krcal    

Hi Basil, is there a possibility to transfer a registered copy of BaKoMa TeX to a new system (from Win to Mac)?
2013/12/15 10:48:46 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

BaKoMa TeX for Windows and
BaKoMa TeX for Mac are
different software whose need different licenses.

So, the questions is not about of "transfer", but about of "change" of license.

We provide change of license only in case if license was not activated.
This covers situations when users purchase license for another platform by mistake.

2015/01/16 15:28:20 UTC
Esther Forte    

Dear Basil, In case of the license being a personal non-upgradable license, does this mean it cannot be transferred to a new computer? Thanks a lot. Best regards
2015/01/16 16:19:32 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

non-upgradable means that license has no upgrades.
It is not related with transfer to another computer.
2015/03/12 12:20:01 UTC    

How can I change a non-upgradable license to an upgradable?
2015/03/12 17:25:12 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

We do not provide changing of used licenses.
SIngle way: purchasing required license.
2015/04/26 08:01:10 UTC
Niv Sarig    

Old computer stopped working before I could un-register my BaKoMa. How can I re install on the new computer?
2015/04/26 10:30:26 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

if you have any problems with disactivation and activation your computers
do not hesitate to call technical support via "Contact Form" under "Support" tab of our site.

We always solve such problems as soon as possible.

NOTE: if you ask question via E-Mail (not Contact form) and has no answer in 24H. iI means that E-Mail was not delivered. Try to ask again using "Contact Form".

2020/10/17 07:15:01 CEST
Hoc Vuong    

Dear Sir, I want to buy BaKoMa Tex but I could not due to error "Object not found!" from your website. See link How to purchase BaKoMa Tex latest version by ONLINE? I think it's an error from your website Everyone on the world could not purchase the license of BaKoMa Tex by ONLINE. Thank you, Hoc

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