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2013/02/21 10:11:11 UTC
More (La)TeX to HTML translators

BaKoMa TeX includes TeX4HT and DVI2HTML translators.
In advance, it includes interfaces for running Hevea and TTH LaTeX to HTML translators.
  • Hevea -  (Win32 port) or (Common).
    It is required Hevea 1.06 or later version (with esponja program). To install Hevea under BaKoMa TeX just install Win32 port of Hevea program into C:\Hevea directory (as explained in winport.html file coming with win32 port of Hevea), and then restart BaKoMa Text Editor. Installation into C:\Hevea directory is reasonable, because BAT files coming with Hevea-Win32 are tuned for this directory. However, if you install Hevea into another directory you must correct `heveadir' variable in [Common] section of TEXMF.INI file in BaKoMa TeX root directory.
  • TTH - or
    It is required TTH 3.09 or later version. To install TTH under BaKoMa TeX just copy TTH.EXE into BIN\WIN32 subdirectory of BaKoMa TeX installation directory. We strongly recommend to compile TTH.C file by using Borland C++ compiler, instead of GCC (as recommended in TTH installation guidelines). NOTE: There are some problems with importing an images with TTH. It is much more oriented for running inside WEB server but not in development system.
NOTE: These programs may be launched from dialog opened by `TeX|Generate HTML ...' editor command. After installation of Hevea and/or TTH and restarting Text Editor you must found new tabs in this dialog to launch them.

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