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2013/02/21 09:56:15 UTC
How to install new document class/package/font in BaKoMa TeX ?

Installing new LaTeX classes/styles may be done in 2-3 simple steps:
  1. Copy all files bundled with LaTeX document class into LOCAL tree according to standard TDS. Most common files should be placed as:
    TeX Macro Files:
    • *.TEX, *.CLS, *.STY, *.FD -> LOCAL/tex/latex/package/
    PostScript Files: (such as PSTricks prologs)
    • *.PRO -> LOCAL/dvips/package/
    MakeIndex and BibTeX Styles:
    • *.IST -> LOCAL/makeindex/package/
    • *.BST -> LOCAL/bibtex/bst/package/
    Font Files:
    • *.PFB -> LOCAL/fonts/Type1/vendor/fontfamily/
    • *.TFM -> LOCAL/fonts/tfm/vendor/fontfamily/
    • *.VF -> LOCAL/fonts/vf/vendor/fontfamily/
    • *.ENC -> LOCAL/dvips/fontfamily/ or LOCAL/fonts/enc/dvips/fontfamily/
    • *.MAP -> LOCAL/dvips/fontfamily/ (Optional)
    Replace 'package' by name of the package. Replace 'vendor' by name of company or font designer (use `public' name for public domain and TeX fonts), and 'fontfamily' by family of supplied fonts. In fact, you can choose arbitrary names.
  2. Rebild ls-R file in LOCAL directory tree.
    Open dialog 'Options/Common Settings/Directories', select '$TEXMFLOCAL' entry in list, click [(Re)Build ls-R] button.
  3. If your document class includes additional font files you should import MAP file by using dialog opened by 'Options/Common Settings/Install Fonts' menu command. In the dialog, click [?] button for more information, and click [Install DVIPS font MAP file...] button to install fonts.
2017/06/16 12:31:14 UTC
Basil Malyshev     

If you have .INS and .DTX files, you must build package at first.

To build package open .INS file in Centaur, then compile (F5) it by using LaTeX format.

Created files may be installed according to first messages of this topic.

2016/02/27 13:45:54 UTC

Where can I find these folders at an mac install?
2016/02/27 16:10:44 UTC
Basil Malyshev     

Under Mac LOCAL is /Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/local

To rebuild ls-R you can use

cd /Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/local
sudo ../bin/MacOS/mklsr

Another location may be ~Library/BaKoMa TeX

You can found all locations in Common Settings / Directories ...

2013/04/25 08:14:59 UTC
yiftach richter     

How to add beamerposter?
2013/09/14 18:06:25 UTC
Basil Malyshev     

In short, beamerposter package is already available under BaKoMa TeX. Just use it.
2014/09/08 16:19:40 UTC

trying to add not working
2014/09/08 19:29:15 UTC
Basil Malyshev - Checked.
It works without noticeable problems.
It is probably problem has been introduced by some installation mistakes.
2018/03/23 16:52:44 UTC
Daqing Yun    

Could you please advise how to install the xcharter font in bakoma? I am using BaKoMa 11.32, which cannot render when xcharter font is specified to be used. Thanks
2018/03/23 17:07:10 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

xcharter package is available in BaKoMa TeX 11.40 and later.

I briefly check it by opening xcharter-doc.tex. It works.

This package was added to V 11.40 by automatic procedure in general package update at 2017 Summer.

It means, that this package may be installed by above instructions without any problems.

However, this package requires another packages.
So, at opening xcharter-doc.tex I see that 10 additional packages was downloaded.
It is probably all these packages also must be updated/installed.

2019/05/29 09:56:48 CEST
Lod Mer    

Hello, I installed this class: It did launched the file. But I get a blank screen (no page) once launched. I used UTF-8. Can you guide me on how to make it work?
2019/05/29 09:56:58 CEST
Lod Mer    

Hello, I installed this class: It did launched the file. But I get a blank screen (no page) once launched. I used UTF-8. Can you guide me on how to make it work?

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