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Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/VISTA/XP

BaKoMa TeX 11.51 (18-Jan-2018)

Quick Setup
Quick Setup
Revision: 18/01/18
Download: 42 MB
Install: 150 − 180 MB
BaKoMa TeX 11.51 Setup installs most useful components of BaKoMa TeX and LaTeX.
Just double-click [Download] button to download and install BaKoMa TeX. Much more additional packages will be downloaded from our servers and added to your installation when they are required by your documents. Read more about this version.

To install BaKoMa TeX just click on [Download] link, wait for download completion, and open downloaded exe-file.

NOTE: BaKoMa TeX beginning from version 10.50 includes binaries for Win32 and Win64.

We recommend to install BaKoMa TeX 11.40 and later into new folder, if previously installed version is less than 11.40.
Installation in upgrade mode is unuseful, because of general update of packages in version 11.40.

Quick Setup
Revision: 17/09/19
Download: 1.6 GB
Install: 0.2 − 2.5 GB
BaKoMa TeX CD includes QuickSetup program and almost complete set of another packages (We cut out some documentation to fit entire distribution into single CD). CD will be used as source for installing additional packages when it is inserted into any drive. After update, only updated packages will be downloaded from our servers but other packages will be installed directly from CD. CD ISO

Note, that we use the same CD for Windows and Mac versions of BaKoMa TeX.

Note, that you needn't to burn physical CD disk. You can mount ISO image as virtual disk.
On Windows 8 it is built-in feature.
On Windows 7 and VISTA you can use such utilities as VirtualCloneDrive, ISODisk, MagicDisk, etc. (Use google to find them).
On Windows XP you can enable this built-in feature by using Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel (Use google to find it).