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Changes History

Version 11.80 (18-Aug-2018)

BaKoMa TeX 11.80 releases features tested in versions 11.72 ... 11.78.

Most important improvements are:

  1. Improved Installation programs (Windows)
    It now can install in single user mode, which avoids priveles elevation at autodownload missed packages.
    To install in admin mode installation program must be launched "As Adminiatrator".
  2. Improved run of external programs such as
    inkscape to import SVG
    pygmentize to highlight different codes using minted package.
  3. Fixed run of CTEX. read About using CTEX for details.
  4. Cross Reference Wizard (Ctrl+R) was accelerated by additional buffering.
Revision 18/08/18
  • [18/08/18] Install - improved collison All User/Single user modes.
  • [18/08/18] Install - improved creating menu icons.

Testing Versions

Version 11.78 (8-Aug-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/08/08
  • [18/08/08] CTEX fixes - expanded dictionaries for more encodings.
  • [18/08/06] Install fixes - enabled update mode in some special situations.

Version 11.77 (31-Jul-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/07/31
  • [18/07/30] Speedup Cross reference Wizard (Ctrl+R) by additional buffering.

Version 11.75 (25-Jul-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/07/16
CTEX support.
  • [18/07/16] read About using CTEX for details.
  • [18/07/15] Added zhmetrics with configuring for Windows fonts.
    [18/07/15] Improved synthizing encoding for TTF fonts without Post table.
    [18/07/15] Added support of TTC fonts (ttencode, ttf2ps, ttfinfo)
Revision 18/07/09
  • [18/07/09] Support for SVG (\includesvg) package
    Renamed svg.sty controlling features in generated SVG files.
    Fixed move.cmd
    Adding svg package to repository.
Revision 18/07/07
  • [18/07/06] wxchoosefile is now returns list of selected files in case of multiple file selection. chosoefile just ignores multiple file selection, so wxchoosefile must be used for multiple.
  • [18/07/06] choosefile, choosefolder, wxchoosefile are now childed to actual modal dialog instead of wxframe.
Revision 18/07/05 (Windows)
  • [18/07/05] Fixed Win64 tftopl/pltotf/vptovf/vftovp.
  • [18/07/05] Disable activating Win64 apps at install.

Version 11.72 (2-Jul-2018) TESTING

  • [18/07/01] Added more command emulations to pass packages such as minted without claims.
  • [18/06/28] Added new primiteves to e-TeX processors, whose improve run of external programs.
    It improves such packages as TIKZ/externalize and minted/Pygmentize.
  • [18/06/24] Support for Pygments. See Using Pygment in BaKoMa TeX
    techically, handling redirection of stdout in \write18 was added.
    It allows to use packages texments, verbments, minted.
  • [18/06/22] Imporved Install procedure under Windows, It allows:
    • Install for All Users or for Current user only.

Version 11.71 (12-Jun-2018)


Version 11.70 (6-Jun-2018)

BaKoMa TeX 11.70 supports import of more graphics files via \includegraphics
Windows MetaFile (WMF)
See details on the page: Import Windows Metafile (WMF) Graphics.
GnuPlot Graphics
See details on the page: Import and embedding GnuPlot Graphics.

Version 11.64 (28-May-2018)

  • Omega was removed from Windows version, because of obsolete.
  • Released support of system fonts under Mac (Configuring Font Families).
  • Activation on Mac/Linux without internet.

Version 11.63 (15-May-2018)

Configuring Font Families dialog.
The Configuring Font Families dialog is improved in the following aspects:
  • Linux: It is now available on Linux Version.
  • MacOS: It is now available together with Insert Symbols dialog.
  • It is now includes preview for all font families.
  • System fonts are now selected using font family to make documents reproduceable under Windows and Mac.

Version 11.62 (28-Apr-2018)

  • Window docked with Menu/Toolbar is new option in Options / Common Settings .
    This parameter allows you to select which TeXWord window should be central (Page Window or Source Files).
    Implements Feature Request: Split screen menu bar
  • Invert colors on Page Window is new option in Options / Viewer Preferences
    Implements Feature Request: Invert colors (use dark background with bright letters) in display window
    NOTE: This parameter has effect only for Display and PNG export.
  • The default window size is improved on UHD displays for
    TeXWord, TeXCode, DVIEW, MetaHelp, BibEdit, Messages.
  • More consistent appearance of dialog boxes (borders, spaces) on HD and UHD displays.

Testing Versions

Version 11.61 (18-Apr-2018)

Revision 18/04/22
Improved Configuring Font Families
  • [18/04/22] List of Fonts has been tested and revised.
  • [18/04/21] Fixed PS dictionary limit from 32K to 64K.
  • [18/04/21] ttfinto: smart handling of unknown type of CMAP tables.
  • [18/04/20] Font Sample is now can use not system font (installing it privatelly)
  • [18/04/20] Extended buffers in FSetup.ctr to handle font with longer names.
Revision 18/04/18
  • [18/04/18] Fixed bug in openning Configring Font Families.

Version 11.60 (12-Apr-2018)

Improved use of TrueType fonts

Configuring Font Families...
The Configuring Font Families dialog is improved in the following aspects:
  • This dialog opens much faster (almost instantly)
    because of the use of pre build list of TeX fonts.
  • This list includes all the fonts available in the distribution, but not only those that are on the disk.
    However, the fonts you select will be downloaded automatically.
  • The font family can be used through fontspec (fontspec-etex).
fontspec-etex: Emulation of fontspec for eTeX
BaKoMa TeX beginning from V 11.60 introduces fontspec-etex package,
which is emulation of fontspec package (main font selection under XeTeX and LuaTeX) for eTeX.

For details see: fontspec-etex

Improved dialogs

  • [18/03/21] View / Font Highlighting (HLFonts.rc) dialog was converted to wxPS from RES32.
    BKMButton works. But ... Is it reasonable to convert them to color picker ?
  • [18/03/21]BindKey dialog was ported to wxPS from RES32.
    Must be tested and probably refined ...

Support Express Patches

  • [18/04/06] [Windows] Supressed message 'Undefined key [WINDOWS_LEFT/_RIGH]
Revision 18/03/20 (Windows Only)
  • [18/03/20] Resolved problem error 0xc0000142.
Revision 18/03/18 (ALL)
  • [18/03/18] Customizing shortcuts for toolbar items has been recovered.
  • [18/03/18] DVIPS under Mac do not produce 'Unregistered Copy' mark.
  • [18/03/17] Fixed wrong caret moving after inserting hieroglyph.
  • [18/03/16] Fixed support of international keyboards on Mac.

Version 11.55 (15-Mar-2018)

Main features

Export PostScript (Mac and Linux)
  • Support of export PostScript (using DVIPS) on Mac and Linux.
Mac autorealod.

Testing Versions

Version 11.54 (LINUX TEST VERSION) (14-Mar-2018)
There is test for linux.
  • [18/03/15] Make the same for Mac
  • [18/03/14] TIKZ/Externalize works well in Centaur, and TeXWord.
  • [18/03/14] Rebuild e-TeX with new -jobname option to support TIKZ/externalize.
    Improved run of programs via \write18 to provide the same support as under Windows.
  • DVIPS is tested.
  • It includes DVIPS, TTF2PS (to use TTF by DVIPS), tftopl, pltotf, vftovp,