True WYSIWYG LaTeX System
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Centaur + Dview
Classical TeX IDE (Editor+Viewer)

Integrated User Interface

  • One touch key for TeX + Preview + customizable set of a postprocessors;
  • Synchronisation between Text and Preview with an accuracy of a single character (DVI Forward/Reverse Search) (V 6.40);
  • Dynamical Preview allows the user to preview instantly selected region of the file being edited (V 4.30);
  • Gather, Bookmarks and other tools for quick navigation through document structure;
  • Quick switching (without file reloading) between different input encodings (including UTF8);
  • Graphics import assistant (including smart tool to import images from clipboard);
  • Project support;
  • Assistance for multi-file documents: context sensitive opening of included text and graphics files,
  • Searching TeX errors using the TeX log file;
  • Searching help for TeX commands in entire document collection;
  • Syntax highlighting is configurable for catcodes and highlighting dictionaries;
  • Customizable GUI Control Bar and menus for quick inserting Math Symbols and other commands;
  • Syntax Completion and other tools for quick insertion of frequently used LaTeX constructions (V 5.20);
  • Spell Checker: correction suggestions, on-the-spot highlighting of misspelled words, handling of (La)TeX commands, accenting commands, babel shortcuts (V 4.10);
  • BibEdit - editor for BIB files is well integrated with another system components (V 5.20).